Aikido The Way of Harmony

Aikido is a non-violent Japanese Martial Art developed by Morihei Ueshiba, focusing on redirecting your opponent’s energy (Ki). It is meditative while also physically engaging. For many people, it has turned into a life-long practice and life changing habit.

Miami Aikikai is the Oldest Aikido Dojo in the Miami area, founded in 1978 by Nelson Andujar, 7th Dan, Shihan and a direct student of Yoshimitsu Yamada, 8th Dan, Shihan.

Our chief instructor Eliot W. Rifkin is a founding member of the Miami Aikikai. Rifkin Sensei has been awarded the rank of 7th dan and the title of Shihan by Hombu dojo (original school) in Japan.

We teach traditional aikido keeping in mind its martial applications as well as its philosophy of blending and harmony.


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Benefits of Aikido Martial Art-

  • Aikido is great for aerobic conditioning, increased strength and flexibility, improved posture, enhanced sense of timing, better reactions, coordination, and improved balance including pain relief, better cardiovascular health and reduced blood pressure.
  • Your mind feel more relaxation, focus and awareness within a week.
  • You became more relaxed and confident person with greater Body awareness.
  • Spiritual Benefits including an enhanced intuitive understanding of ourselves and the world around us.Person life becomes rich and filled with meaning with greater focus, perceptiveness and clarity.
  • Self-development and Self Defense. 

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