Note –

* Advanced or weapons classes may be attended by any student once they have attained and demonstrated an acceptable level of awareness and proficiency with ukemi (receiving techniques).

Classes are designed to provide an atmosphere of learning through constructive practice and application of techniques. Each class begins with a brief warm-up period to help stretch muscles and center one’s focus. A class may cover a single or several related techniques. After a short demonstration by the instructor, students will be asked to pair up and practice the techniques with each other. Techniques are practiced at a speed or level of resistance in accordance with the skill and experience of the practitioners. In this manner, beginners and advanced students may both practice the same techniques and often are able to practice with each other.

** Private classes are available.

***After class optional meditation: Training the mind by way of meditation may provide many benefits to both martial artists and non practitioners alike.Some benefits include reducing stress, enhancing self awareness, and lengthening attention span. See for further reading

Meditation classes may include the use of singing bowls, one-pointed mind exercises with stones (provided free of charge), breath awareness, body scan meditation, mindfulness practice, and more.Best of all, our meditation training is free of charge to all Miami Aikikai members AND their friends and family!All participants are welcome to bring their own meditation cushion or mats if so desired but not necessary. (Duration of meditation can fluctuate)

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You should download this app to manage and book classes, So Make sure you have download the App. (Login Details will be provided once new member is active)

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