Eliot W. Rifkin – 6th dan, Shihan.

Eliot_Miami_Aikikai_Aikido_MiamiEliot W. Rifkin started practicing Aikido in 1978, briefly under Sensei Steven House and then with Sensei Nelson Andujar, a direct student of Yamada Sensei. He assumed responsibility of The Miami Aikikai in the 1990s, when Nelson Andujar moved to Texas.

Rifkin Sensei believes in constant Aikido growth and continues his training by attending national seminars. He has been fortunate to have trained with direct students of the founder including Yamada Sensei, Tamura Sensei, Sugano Sensei and Kanai Sensei.

Rifkin Sensei has both his B.A. and M.A. in psychology and works as a lawyer. He has his own private practice, which focuses on real estate, family issues, and contractual law.

A message from Rifkin Sensei:
“At the Miami Aikikai, we strive to maintain a dojo that practices the traditional teachings of O’Sensei and his senior students, as well as maintaining an atmosphere of camaraderie between students and an enjoyable experience. We understand that the students make the school and try to focus on everyone’s needs.”


Gustavo Ramos – 6th dan, Shihan.

Ramos SenseiGustavo Ramos began his martial arts career studying Shotokan Karate under Masaki Ueki from 1966 to 1969. Later he studied Five Animal Kung Fu under Master Moc Kan Sent from 1969 to 1979. During that time he received his black sash in Kung Fu.

Ramos Sensei began studying Aikido with Sensei Nelson Andujar  at the Miami Aikikai in 1979. Ramos Sensei together with Rifkin Sensei also manages and assumed responsibility of The Miami Aikikai.

Ramos Sensei is an architect with his own private firm. He is also an avid athlete and enjoys surfing, boating, diving, and golf. He is happily married to his wife, Patty, and has a daughter, Nelani, who trains with him at the dojo sporadically.

A message from Ramos Sensei:
“Train hard, take the falls, and your aikido will develop. In any situation, the correct ma-ai and hamni will always protect you.”


Ayal Joshua – 6th dan

Joshua SenseiEntered the Miami Aikikai in 1985 under Sensei Nelson Andujar. Upon Andujar’s relocation to Texas, Ayal has studied with Eliot W. Rifkin and Gustavo Ramos. Ayal has traveled and visited many dojos around the world, studying the many different forms and styles of Aikido.

Jesus Delgado – 5th dan

Delgado SenseiJesus started practicing Aikido in 1993 under Sensei Nelson Andujar and later with Eliot W. Rifkin, Gustavo Ramos and Ayal Joshua. Jesus also attends various seminars, including those taught by Yamada Sensei, Sugano Sensei, Kanai Sensei, Takaguchi Sensei and Konigsberg Sensei.