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We recommend that you practice as often as your schedule allows. If you practice regularly, you will advance faster. For many people it’s simply not possible to maintain regular training, but we encourage students to make an extra effort and show up on the mat as much as possible.

Monthly due is $100. Beginners are required to pay for their first two months and the United States Aikido Federation’s (USAF) yearly dues. The first payment is $270.

On average, 5 to 8 years for those you can maintain weekly practice. It is important to remember, however, that a black belt does not mean you have “learnt” Aikido, or that your training is over; this is the first step to a deeper level of learning.

We offer several beginner/basics classes per week. These classes are attended by both beginners and experienced students, whose role is to help the newer students. Please see our schedule for details.

The first time you can wear sweatpants and a t-shirt. If you decide to continue, you will have to purchase a gi (uniform). There are several places to buy aikido uniforms in Miami or online. Ask any dojo member and he/she will be more than happy to help you.

No. Aikido is a martial art that does not include competition.

There is really no age limit to aikido practice. The founder himself practiced into his 80s. If you have an old injury or physical limitations, make sure to inform the instructor and your practice partner.

The minimum age for practice is generally considered 16, although it really depends on the individual.

In Aikido, there is always a chance to get injured like in any activity that engages physical contact.

At Miami Aikikai we emphasize and train how to safely perform techniques so that serious injuries are prevented. Occasional sore muscles and achy joints can occur.

We bow to show respect to our partner and teacher. There is no religious meaning behind it.

You are welcome to observe a class. You may also attend a class for free to understand if aikido is right for you. If you decide to join, you will be required to fill out a registration form and pay the initial dues.

Our Testimonials

Amazing place to learn, and really good atmosphere with the partners.l wish all the best
Maikel Luis
Maikel Luis
Fui de visita, el lugar muy limpio, con la disciplina esperada, los instructores muy capacitados
Jesse Marin Rodriguez
Jesse Marin Rodriguez
The best place for learn AIKIDO whit the best SENSEI too
Manny & Bebe (Araba Botanical)
Manny & Bebe (Araba Botanical)
Best Aikido dojo in Miami.
Abel Ruiz
Abel Ruiz
Miami Aikikai is the First Miami School. Two Shihans and 7th Dan Professors. Highly recommended.